English in Action - a completely new experience

Codswallop, collywobbles, la-di-da, willy-nilly ... You would never learn those words in your English lesson, would you? But in the intensive English course 'English in Action' you have the opportunity to learn phrases which are used in everyday life in England.

About 40 students from our school took part in the one-week holiday course with three native teachers from different parts of the UK.

From 8:10 am to 1:10 pm we wrote essays, learned new vocabulary, had discussions and lots of other oral exercises in a funny and interesting way.

Our oral English improved a lot by just listening to the native speakers every day. So, if you finish year 9 or 10 this year and you don't want to take part in an expensive English course in the UK, for example, you can enjoy the course in our school for less money and benefit from it! We can only recommend it.

Lena Stübinger, Anna Soutschek (beide Q11)

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